For young music enthusiasts aged between 4 to 6 years, students are taught the basic elements of music through singing, movement, learning an introduction to different instruments, and writing music in a fun way through games, arts & crafts, drawing and movement.

Learn the basics of rhythm and melody through singing songs, tunes and nursery rhymes, which develops a good sense of tonality and listenings skills.

Learn how to sing and play melody instruments like the Ukulele, Keyboard and Tin-whistle.

Develop an appreciation for all genres of music by listening to various composers, artists, groups and bands.

Class times

Weekdays at 3.00pm | Saturday morning 10.30am & 11.15am

30 mins class for 2 students and 45 minutes for 3-8 students.

Parents are welcome to attend the first class if they wish.  

- Flexible payment options, meaning you can choose which payment method suits you and how often.

- Opportunity to perform at Summer & Christmas Concerts, gain confidence to play in a group with others.

To enrol with Cadence Music Academy, complete our online booking, confirm lesson times and start your musical journey with us. 

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- Option to pay with Debit card or via PayPal.

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